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LASHFOREVERtm products are Health Canada approved. The longevity of your service results depends on the stage in the growth cycle when lashes are applied, as well as lifestyle and care.

Shedding of your lashes may be more noticeable with your lashes enhanced

Along with regular appointments to maintain your look, here is how you will maintain your LASHFOREVERtm lash enhancements.

Lash Lift only DO NOT:

Lash Lift/Semi-Permanent Mascara Do not:

For continued life of your Lash Lift/Semi-Permanent mascara;

Enjoy your lash enhancements, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Please assure you have enough time set aside for your appointment. These services take approx.. 45 mins each

Show up to your appointment with No eye make up on.

Please wear your glasses. contacts can NOT be worn for your appointment.

There are a few reasons why a lash service may be unsuitable for you. The following contraindications will be considered before your service, and your service will only be carried out if you have a note by your GP.

positive patch test; cysts; cuts, abrasions, swelling in the immediate area; ey infections of any type; skin disease; skin trama;hypersensitivity; alopecia;recent operation of head, eye, and face, or scar tissue in the area; bells palsy, or any condition that makes closing eyes difficult; any disease/disorder that causes shaking, twitching, or erratic movement; sty; blepharitis; chemotherapy; watery eyes; keratitis; hay weaver; trichotillomaina.

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